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Laganja Estranja: The Name Says It All


Follow the smoke signals and you’ll see this queen in the stars. She’s a comedic, campy and glamorous concoction named after the sought after huff and puff. With a drag mother like Alyssa Edwards you’d think she were a pageant queen snatching up trophies, but she’s only after one prize: America’s Next Drag Superstar. But don’t get it twisted; She doesn’t get cute. She gets drop dead gorgeous. High fashion with a bit of shtick, Laganja Estranja could soon be in your televisions, your minds, your hearts and you may just be rooting for this creative queen from Texas. But its not that easy. There’s a process. Cross your fingers and let’s just hope Mama Ru let’s this one into the competition. Laganja just might be lighting up your smiles week after week. 

Laganja Estranja. That name just rolls off the tongue. Tell me who she is and how her name came about. Also tell me what is your boy name and your journey from boy to QUEEN.

My drag name reflects one of my favorite hobbies: smoking marijuana. In college, I had a great drag friend by the name of Marqueeta Velveta. At that time when I was creating my name, I was very inspired by the way Marqueeta’s name rhymed and also played with the word “marquee”. So when it came time to create my name, I knew I wanted it to involve weed, a rhyming scheme, and play on words. Thus I am the strange plant: HAPPY GRA$$!! My boy name came from one of my Father’s favorite students that he counseled while working at an alternative school. As a child, I was often referred to as “Gay Jay” which really hurt me at the time, but now I just find it HIGHlarious. 


Was there another name you almost went by? 
Never, I knew exactly who I wanted to be from the beginning! 
You are currently in the process of trying out for Rupaul’s Drag Race. Tell me about that experience and what made you try out.
RuPaul’s Drag Race inspired me to do drag. While I have been impersonating Britney Spears and prancing around in women’s clothing my whole life, it wasn’t until I watched the show that I thought of drag as a viable career path. I do drag because it not only pays the bills but also pays my soul. Drag gives me a reason to wake up every morning and greet the day with positivity. Drag completely changed my outlook on life and gave me purpose. I do drag because it makes me feel invincible and at the same time so vulnerable. Its a wonderful way to make people laugh and feel inspired. Drag is more than a dress, some makeup, and a lip sync: drag is a growing art form that opens the eyes of so many different types of people and that’s why I do it.

What do you do when your on your down time?

On my down time, which is never, I love to sit back in my bed and watch TV. I am obsessed with reality shows such as Dance Moms, Project Runway, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta and dramas such as The Big C (which really didn’t deserve cancellation), American Horror Story, and Revenge. 
What is your favorite song to turn it out to at the clubs?
Anything by Missy Elliott. 

Since Drag Race, people have pinpointed so many types of drag. Some old school, some new, some edgier and some pageant. What kind do you fall into?

I fall into my own unique category because I am a little bit of everything. Growing up in Texas as a musical theater geek definitely formed the campy side of Laganja as I was always hamming it up for others. My drag mother, Alyssa Edwards (Season 5), also taught me a lot while I was in Dallas about pageants so I have a huge respect for the old school, glamorous/polished queens… but clearly with my name I didn’t fit in there. It wasn’t until I moved to L.A. though that I began to fall in love with edgier, high fashion queens like Detox (Season 5) and Raven (Season 2). So I have taken inspiration from everyone and formed my own category: Campy High Glamour. 
When people come and see you, what do they immediately love about your shows?
When people come to see me, they immediately fall in love with my talent and dance abilities. They love to beat the walls when I death drop for dayzzz! 
I know you want to be on season 6, but let’s say you had to pick 7 girls (I picked the other 7 for you) to be in an All Stars Competition with who would they be? Here are my 7: Coco Montrese, Shangela, Phi Phi O’Hara, Lineysha Sparx, Dida Ritz, The Princess and Jiggly Caliente.
Alyssa Edwards, Morgan McMichaels, Delta Work, Sonique, Pandora Boxx, Willam, and Akashia. 
The final three have arrived. Who is your winner and who is your runner up and why?
Alyssa Edwards takes the crown because she is what? SICKENING!! Not only does Alyssa make ridiculous TV, but at her core she is the most loving person. I don’t say this just because she is my drag mother, but because I have seen her day after day help those in need around her. Whether it be a homeless man on the side of the road or one of her dance students, Alyssa is always there to lend a helping hand. I think she deserves to win All Stars because she is the total package. My runner up would have to be Shangela because not only is she Team Edwards, but she is also an explosive performer whose talents are beyond. She is witty and hysterical and knows how to work a room and keep it krunk! 
What has been your favorite moment of drag race this season, and your least favorite moment?
My favorite moment in Drag Race History is when Alyssa said, “I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous!” My least favorite moment was the Phi Phi O’Hara drama with Sharon Needles. 
In all my interviews before Drag Race, every thought Detox was going to win. What do you think happened?
I really thought Alyssa would win! She has won every pageant under the sun so I thought for sure she had this one in the bag! 
Who is your favorite drag race star of all times and why?
My favorite drag race star of all time would be a tie between Latrice Royal and Jujubee because both possess so much personality and are kind to others around them on or off set. They truly inspire me to be a better queen instead of bitter! 
Let’s talk wigs. If RuPaul asked you to bring a sickening couture outfit, what wig would you wear with that?
Most of my wigs are fried, dried, sickled, and pickled and are pretty cheap! So I am working on my wig collection slowly but surely as I gain more financial stability. Currently I would bring my big platinum blond hair that is swooped to one side! 
ALL T ALL SHADE was the trending hashtag this year. Some are saying that this was the bitchiest year including Sharon Needles. Why do you think that was?
I think this season was just as bitchy as all the other seasons. I think it trended because the show is becoming more and more popular and people love to watch a good fight. 
On Season 6, what kind of girls would you like to see and which ones would you not like to see?
I would like to see some dancing queens on Season Six, but I would not like to see badly styled queens. 
Was there ever a time you wanted to hang up your dress and wig and say, “Fuck it I’m not doing this anymore!”
Of course I want to throw in the towel from time to time, but then I just remind myself it’s better than working at GAP!! Every artist goes through downs because that’s what makes the ups so special. 
What kind of queen are you bringing to RuPaul in five words:
Funky, Fresh, Ghetto, Wild, Dancer.
If queens came down on you on the show for any reason, what would it be?
I am still very new at this, I am only one and a half years old, so I think queens would come down on my greenness. 
Leopard print or Zebra?
There are 5 Legendary Queens who all deserved the Crown. Bebe Sahara Benet (Cameroon) Tyra Sanchez (America’s Sweetheart) Raja (Runway Queen) Sharon Needles (I Look spooky but I’m really nice) & Chad Michaels (Eleganza). Which queen are you most like, and which queen are you far from?
I am most like Raja because I am HIGH fashion and can stomp the runway! I am least like Sharon Needles because she had her very own unique character that no matter how punk rock you are, you can’t duplicate her style. 


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